Strawberry Macaron

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Making the perfect macaron is equal parts creativity and technical skill.

The macarons are made from egg whites and ultra-fine almond flour, for a (relatively) guilt free dessert. A macaron shell only has four key ingredients, making proper technique crucial. And that's not even considering the environments, moisture content of each ingredient, humidity, and barometric pressure on any specific day.

All macarons are made in a mixed-use environment and may contain traces of gluten flour. The macarons have had a long trip, please allow them to rest in the fridge for at least 15-20 minutes before consumption. Allow macarons to reach room temperature before consuming for optimal flavors. 

The macarons can store in the fridge with no change in taste or texture for up to a week, perfect for those planning an event in advance!

We recommend consuming the macarons within 3-4 days for optimal texture. However, if you are planning to store the macarons for an extended period, place in the freezer.

- 4 Per Box

The macarons are gluten-free.

Please note, the macarons are made in a mixed-use kitchen environment.